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Grounding Strategies
Introduction Grounding is a type of coping strategy that “grounds” people in the present moment and is a form of mindfulness.  When you become overwhelmed by flashbacks or dissociation, it is as if the brain forgets where you are, and you become transported to past times when you felt unsafe.  Grounding strategies help the brain refocus on the present. There are two main types of grounding strategies:  Sensory, e.g. Using strong sensory input to bring one back to reality and the present moment (e.g. listening to loud music, biting a lemon, holding a piece of ice)Cognitive, e.g. Doing an activity requiring one’s focused ...
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Nature and Why It’s Essential For Kids’ Brains: Information for Parents and Caregivers
Introduction  All parents want to raise happy, healthy children, but in spite of our best efforts, many children and youth struggle with physical and mental health problems in today's world.    The good news is that there is an easy way to help our children’s and teens’ physical, mental and spiritual health...  ...Spontaneous, unstructured outdoor play! Spontaneous, unstructured outdoor play is letting kids be kids outdoors, creating on their own without adult interference. It means letting kids: Be outdoors with fresh air, sunlight and the sounds of nature.   Use their imaginations to ...
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Self-Compassion: One Key to Mental Health
Samantha’s Story, Part 1  Samantha usually has a good day at work. She’s normally on time, she has a reasonable boss, and her co-workers are pretty easy-going. But recently, she had a very bad day. She was late for work. Her boss was upset. And she had a disagreement with a co-worker.   As a result, a negative, self-critical voice started running in her head: “I'm such a disappointment. Nobody likes me! Why do I even bother? No matter what I do, it’s going to fail.”   Samantha had a rough childhood. She didn’t feel accepted by her parents, and at school, there was a bully who tormented her for ...
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So You Want to be Happy? Information for Teens
Introduction Everyone wants to be happy, i.e. have mental wellness, the state of well-being where we feel contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure or joy. Throughout history, people have struggled to find the secret to happiness. What’s the Secret to Being Happy? Is it having fun all the time, like playing video games and watching movies all day? As it turns out, living a life of leisure does not lead to happiness… Happiness (and Mental Wellness) is about Belonging, Purpose, Hope and Meaning Happiness (and mental wellness) is a positive side effect that happens when you live a life with belonging, purpose, meaning and hope (Health ...
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Surviving the Christmas, Winter Holidays and Festive Season
Introduction Ah, the holidays! They can be a time to celebrate and relax. But holidays can also be difficult and stressful, especially when you feel pressure to have a wonderful, perfect time.    The good news: there are many things you can do to help you and your family members cope with the holidays. Tips for Surviving the Holidays Keep up with healthy routines. Holidays can be physically and emotionally demanding. Stick to healthy routines. Try not to overindulge, because it can make you feel even more exhausted and physically unwell.   Get enough sleep. If you don’t ...
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Therapeutic Tapping (aka Emotional Freedom Technique)
Introduction  In traditional Chinese medicine, the body is believed to possess various meridians along which the body’s energy flows. Stress and illness lead to blockages in the body’s energy flow. By using acupuncture needles, blockages in energy are relieved, which helps restore the body’s natural homeostasis and healing ability. Western science believes that acupuncture stimulates nerves that provide input to the brain, resulting in therapeutic effects. Challenges with acupuncture include that it requires a trained acupuncturist to administer the acupuncture needles, takes time and effort, along with the fact that ...
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