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(Teen) Mental Health Literacy
Website providing information and resources about teen mental health. Formerly known as Teen Mental Health with Dr. Stan Kutcher and colleagues.
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Online service to help you find the help you need for depression, anxiety, and other mental health and substance use conditions. This includes: * Local support groups and health services within Vancouver, Richmond, and Coastal communities * Online information pages and workbooks provided through BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information and other trusted BC sources * Self-help or supported self-help programs such as the BC Canadian Mental Health Association’s Bounce Back® Online (available without a doctor’s referral) * Valuable resources for friends and family members seeking information for their loved ones.
Vancouver Coastal Health/ Providence Health Care
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Started in 2000, MindMasters is a program that gives adults who work with or live with children, short, proven activities to do with children to help them learn positive living skills. Adults teach children all sorts of skills - tying their shoes, reading a book, riding a bike, cooking a meal. These practical skills help children to learn to manage the workd. There are other skills that children need to learn too. How to relax in a dentist's chair. How to channel feeling of anger so no one gets hurt. How to focus on a task to get it done. How to keep upbeat when life seems hard. We all need these skills to excel at living, to make the most of opportunities life offers to us. The program was created by Dr. Terry Orlick with the assistance of graduate students at the University of Ottawa and feedback from children, social workers, nurses, teachers and counsellors who have been doing the activities with children and evaluating their success for years. These positive-living skills activities have been assembled in the Mindmasters program and are being made available through the Positive Living Skills for Children project. You will find that the activities are suitable in all sorts of settings, particularly with children aged 4 to 12. You will find the music that supports the teaching of positive-living skills here.
Child and Youth Health Network for Eastern Ontario
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Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers
New tool to protect the mental health of employees, providing steps and actions that are accessible to all Canadian employers.
Mental Health Commission of Canada
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